SINCE 1915

Geographical Expansion to Argentina

FarmaMondo reinforce its presence in LATAM region by establishing presence in Argentina aiming to further enhance its infrastructure in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Geographical Expansion to Mexico

FarmaMondo completed the establishment of the Mexican presence.

Geographical Expansion to the Baltic countries

FarmaMondo establishes a subsidiary in Lithuania to enhance its infrastructure on the Baltic region and Ukraine.

Geographical Expansion to the Nordic countries

FarmaMondo expands into the Nordic countries by establishing its subsidiary in Denmark covering the 5 Nordic countries.

Pioneering Russia and the CIS region

FarmaMondo expands into Russia and the CIS region, becoming the pioneer of the unlicensed medicines and specialty commercialization services  in Russia.

Getting Global

FarmaMondo expands into LATAM setting its access and distribution infrastructures. The first international subsidiary of FarmaMondo is established in Brazil.

Leadership transition

FarmaMondo SA and Farmacia Centrale are no longer a family owned business, new leadership is joining the company led by a group of investors and Pharma experienced entrepreneurs. A new era begins for FarmaMondo.

First Managed Access Program awarded for the Swiss market

FarmaMondo partners for the first time with an innovator seeking to establish a Managed Access Program to serve unmet Named Patient  needs.

The 90’s
capabilities and regulations

70 Years after its establishment, FarmaMondo has endured the test of time by always operating in a sustainable and responsible manner as per the Swiss business DNA. As medical needs and relevant regulations evolved so has FarmaMondo, becoming a solid pharmaceutical service business with a focus on international unlicensed medicines supply.

The 80’s
the international evolution of FarmaMondo

With the introduction of the internet FarmaMondo gains wide recognition as a major brand providing access to Swiss medicines. Through a simple web page offering access to medicines FarmaMondo becomes the supply partner of many healthcare providers in Europe and Asia.

Birth of FarmaMondo

Mr. Bernasconi decides to expand the export activity and establishes a Swiss holding company – FarmaMondo SA is born. Mr. Bernasconi choses a brand name that reflects his vision of bringing pharmaceuticals access to international level. Farmacia Centrale remains a daughter company of FarmaMondo SA, focused on local community only.


Mr. Bernasconi, a 3 rd generation of the Bernasconi family and a young pharmacist educated in Zurich, takes over the management of Farmacia Centrale.

1915 – 1970
Serving Cross border patient needs

The swiss pharmaceutical market has evolved during the 20 th century to become one of most advanced globally and consequently cross border demand for Swiss therapies came from the near by Italian patients and doctors. Farmacia Centrale developed cross border supply serving unmet needs from Italy and other nearby countries

The founding year

Farmacia Centrale, the roots of the current FarmaMondo group, was established as a private community pharmacy at the heart of the small Swiss border town of Chiasso. The Bernasconi Family was operating the pharmacy and serving the local needs of the few thousands of local habitants.